Want To Know More About Article Spinning? – Ask The Expert Of Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan

Rewriting an original article more than two hundred times trying to create multiple original copies can lead to duplication of content. In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), delivering and posting fresh content on your website on a regular basis is of uttermost importance. Providing and publishing content on your e-commerce website helps to grab the attention of potential visitors and hit your target in real time.

The Content Strategist of Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan, says that web crawlers such as Google use some factors to rank your website in the algorithms, your converting keyword being one of the critical elements. As a content marketer, you don't want your converting keyword to rank low in the search engine algorithms. Creating online visibility dictates vigilance and creativity.

What is article spinning?

Creating different versions of one article to rank high in the algorithms can mess your SEO campaign. According to search engine optimization experts, article spinning is a black hat SEO technique, commonly used as a shortcut by digital and content marketers. In the real sense, generating content using your brain ends up taking time as compared to spinning an existing article.

Being creative is not an option when it comes to improving your business visibility. When spinning an article, the end-result article does not have to make sense. Trying to re-word your content multiple times results to keyword stuffing. Google has a way of identifying keyword stuffing and article spinning.

Posting spun content on your WordPress website can ruin your boosted engagement. If you continue posting spun content on your site, your potential visitors end up clicking back your pages, leading to low session duration and high bounce rates. High bounce rates are not suitable for online businesses and can lead to a drastic fall in your converting keyword ranking as the key phrase is considered irrelevant by search engines.

Generating hundreds or thousands versions of the same article can be a bit hectic. This is where article spinning software comes in. Article spinner can make you rank high in the algorithms in real time. However, articles generated by article spinners are hard-to-read due to the compilation of unique keywords and phrases.

Does article spinning deliver results?

Article spinning is one of the reliable shortcuts that can make your converting keyword rank high within a short span of time. However, improving your sites' visibility using black hat SEO techniques is a short-term strategy that will end up not favoring your campaign in future.

The primary intention of article spinning is to create some pages regarding the same topic of interest as the original copy. After creating spun content, digital marketers end up including backlinks to their sites within the generated content. In the long run, the links imply to search engines that they are famous and popular ending up pushing their sites to a better position regarding rankings.

Generating the good-quality content of the same text can be a bit hectic. As a marketer, you can decide to use an article spinner to create multiple copies of your original document. However, Google will always penalize spun content. Consider on applying available white hat SEO techniques to have a long-term solution for your online campaign.

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